My Portfolio


Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School Logo
Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School
Completed Year 12

Graduated in 2020

Curtin University Logo
Curtin University
Bachelor of Computing
Majoring in Computer Science

Started in 2021, Expected Graduation in 2023



I currently work as a freelance software developer. In this role, I work with many clients to develop technical solutions to issues or ideas they have. I have worked with clients to develop Windows mobile device management solutions, Electron based desktop applications and Flutter based mobile applications.

Theatre Technician

I worked part-time at the Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre. My role involved setting up and packing down shows that performed at the venue. This included moving equipment and set pieces along with setting up sound gear such as microphones and speakers.


Security Research

I am really interested in security research as it helps me to build secure software myself. While in high school I did research against many systems and wrote up reports which were passed on to the vendor of the software. I found fatal XSS and CSRF vulnerabilities in the student portal for the SEQTA learning management system which were patched by the company after receiving my report. Many of the vulnerabilities in my other reports were not fixed by the vendor of the software due to them being an "acceptable" business risk despite putting end-users of the software at risk 😞.